Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season

Note: Not the one be ended up with :)

       This past weekend we decided to get our house decorated for the Christmas season annnd to get our first live Christmas tree!  So I was thinking we would get some small little bush since Christmas trees are kinda pricey, but Matt had other plans. I think it must have been because my dad was there with my mom he felt like he needed to step up to the plate.  Matt and my dad paced the different trees sizing them up, scoffing at the "little" trees (the 5 to 6 footers) and finally deciding that the 7 to 8 footers were the way to go.  After digging through some selections we finally found the one. We love it, its a grand fur, it's big and fluffy and it smells divine! After purchasing "tilt" as we have since dubbed it, due to the fact that we can't get it to stand up straight, we had to buy a ton more ornaments that we can't put on because it leans dangerously to one side.  Oh well, we have lights on it and it looks lovely in our glorified hallway!  It was a fun time and I learned a something new, the size of the tree does matter!  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Round Two

After recieving much abuse from Brittany and realizing my folly of not keeping up a blog...here I am...again.  For those that don't know, I had a previous blog that I had started back in 2007 with one post and nothing more.  So here goes nothing!

I love this time of year, it's one holiday after another after another. Exscuses to eat and get together with family, what could be better? Most recently we have been in Idaho visiting my grandparents and fam.  It was a fourteen hour drive out here and well worth it.  And I just need to say that Isabella did quite well for a four and half month old that doesn't care much for being in her car seat longer than the ten minute drive to my parent's house. The drive started out rough, but I think she accepted her fate and decided it was just better to nap. We stopped on the way there in Winnimucka, NV and stayed the night, thank goodness.  Isabella=awesome, mom=wuss.  Needless to say I felt like a sardine and welcomed the break.  We made it the next day safe and sound.  Brittany and David joined us a couple days later, though that is a story in and of itself, which I'm sure she will update everyone on later.

Thanksgiving day was delightful! (Isabella's first Thanksgiving!) Fabulous turkey and rolls and all of the favs! Dinner at 2:00 then a rousing game of Bingo then a ping pong tournament and basically after that more gaming.  Ping pong was....shall we say interesting.  Brittany and I displayed our serious lack of skills in that department, called it a tie and put ourselves in the loser bracket. It was a ton o' fun! All in all a great day.  And I would like to take this time and say how thankful I am for my amazingly wonderful husband, my family that is awesome, our house and job, and most especially our healthy, happy, adorable Isabella!

Happy Thanksgiving all!